GPS Start

GPS Start

Stuck in traffic and looking for the fastest route to your destination, then GPS Start is a device you need to know about. This sat nav device is tiny, efficient and mounts to the windscreen of your vehicle. It makes the device easy to use.

The remarkable feature of this device is its simplicity. It is easy to use without much of a learning curve. A lot of thought has been put behind designing the device, eliminating anything which is not intuitive to use.

This device by GPS will please you first due to its simple and practical design before the on point features begin to assist your navigation. The Start is slim and small and comes with a color screen which has a 4:3 ratio. Included in the box is a windscreen mount which is easy to attach while being sturdy at the same time.

The USB also allows you to sync your satellite navigation system with the GPS home app that is available on PC as well as MAC. The GPS Start is touchscreen enabled making it the perfect satellite navigation system for everyone.

GPS Start is an excellent device, but if it has the older version of the map, it can lose its efficiency of showing the fastest route. To ensure that your device works to the best of its functionality, get the latest GPS Map Update for your device. Contact us for the latest version of Map Updates.

GPS Start Features
  • Lifetime maps
  • New streamlined menu design
  • Address and points of interest search combined


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