GPS Sat Nav

GPS Sat Nav

The GPS Sat Nav comes with many relevant features which are the designed with the latest technology on the market. The software available will make your everyday travel so much faster and easier.The sleek design will only add to the aesthetic of the inside of any vehicle.

Designed by the company itself, the service gives you live traffic updates. It also combines it with a high-tech map routing system. This gives you directions for your route which is always up-to-date. This assures your prompt arrival on your destination from fastest possible route.

The device is quite effective in routing. It comes with a 3D option which display your route in the 3rd dimension. It shows you landmarks and buildings so you know exactly where you are and will not mistake your route in the way you would a simple 2D screen.

The features on the GPS Sat Nav also include alerts for all speed cameras to boost driver safety. But due to the ongoing construction, even the map in the GPS Sat Nav needs regular updates. We being you the latest version of map updates and help you in updating your GPS Navigation App. Contact us to know more.

Features of GPS Sat Nav
  • Elegant design
  • Option to choose between 2D or 3D display
  • Real time traffic updates


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