GPS My Drive

GPS My Drive

GPS , the best satellite navigation company, has recently launched an app called MyDrive, that allows a link to be formed between your smartphone and vehicle. Users can check the information before leaving to their destination even before getting in the vehicle. Compatible with iOS, Android, laptops, and computers, the app connects with all GPS sat nav devices.

This app would become your best friend if you’re a person who is used to commuting frequently. The app allows you to leave as soon as you get into the car, without wasting precious time setting up the device.

The app gives you real-time traffic updates. Additionally, you can change routes and send the desired end location from your phone to the GPS device, which syncs automatically. The app also allows you to save frequently visited destinations as favorites. The app is capable of notifying you when you should leave, to reach your destination based on traffic status to ensure you get there on time.

It is these modern features that make the GPS MyDrive a must have for those who spend time on the road. However, to have a seamless driving experience, you need to ensure that your GPS MyDrive has the latest map version. We help you with just that. Contact us for the latest map updates for your GPS MyDrive app.

Features of My Drive
  • Works with most devices (Windows, Mac)
  • Saves times
  • Live notification alert


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