The GPS Go is the best in class satellite navigator that is very easy to use and offers a nice wide range of features that will make the driving experience blissful. The controls on the GPS are intuitive, which makes the journey concise and smooth. It provides worldwide maps, real time-traffic updates and sends alerts when speed cameras are positioned.

This sophisticated device seamlessly integrates with your smart phone by connecting to Bluetooth offering voice control and voice assistance options. This means that you can reply to messages, make & receive calls without distracting yourself by using your phone. The GPS Go does this for you.

The GPS Go is smart and stylish, designed to meet all the premium standards. The device has 5-inch full touchscreen with a plastic chassis and stands that comfortably attaches to the windscreen of your vehicle. This device looks and feels almost like a smartphone and weighs only 200 grams and has a battery life to last for long journeys too.

The GPS Go is easy to use. It is compact, concise and clear. The user interface is basic and self-explanatory, so almost anyone who is not slightest bit tech savvy can figure their way around using the GPS Go.

But what would you do if your GPS Go doesn’t have the latest Map Updates? What a disaster it can be if your device is showing you navigation according to the old map! Well, you need not worry for we have you the perfect solution for your problem! We bring you the latest version of the map and help you update your GPS Go with the latest map version. Contact us to know more.

Features of GPS Go
  • Sophisticated integration with phone
  • Intuitive use
  • Accurate for device lifetime


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Update GPS Map
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