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For Free GPS Map Updates Dial (0203) 950 9168

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Updating your GPS map is a simple way of making sure you can get to where you want to be. Call us to check if you have a life time map update or one time map update for free. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be driving with the latest map! We recommend taking the following into consideration before downloading a map on your GPS device.


Step 1

Connect your GPS device to your internet-enabled PC Via USB cable and switch the device on. GPS device will perform a quick system update process and shows you a pop-up on your computer screen.You will see a drive window downloading the updates.


Step 2

GPS .com/getstarted will appear on Gps screen. Once the device is connected and turned on, pop-up will start downloading maps on your computer screen. If you still don't see any progress bar across the PC screen and you need quick help in this process please contact support via Live Chat or dial (0203) 950 9168


Step 3

Once the pop-up shows download progress on your PC; wait until in finished downloading. it's an automated process. If you don't see any green progress bar on your computer screen please contact support for immediate help. you may need some technical assistance .

Why should you get in touch of GPS support team for help and assistance?

With the technical modernization, the GPS has become quite a necessity. The GPS device makes our journey quite comfortable and concise.

But, all these modern devices come up with their own share of ups and downs. Since these devices are made up of sophisticated electronic parts, sometimes the devices can go wrong.

When you face these technical or non-technical issues then it becomes essential to call our support team which is available 24*7. Our team of highly professional and competent individuals listen to your device-related problems carefully and then they determine the level of assistance you might need. You will be then guided to our technical staff for problem-solving.

You just have to dial our GPS toll-free number of the UK (0203) 950 9168 and our technicians will try to solve your problems smoothly.

What are the main problems which you can face?

The GPS is a highly sophisticated and competent device but as with any device sometimes it can go wrong. When you try to solve the issues yourself it can be time-consuming and mentally taxing. For those issues, we have a hotline number which can be rung any time. You just have to sit and relax while our technical experts will solve your problems.

  • The device screen going blank
  • The GPS device unable to turn on
  • The GPS is unable to update maps
  • The device constantly showing legal camera speed warning sign
  • GPS cannot connect with satellites
  • Unable to reset the device
  • How you can reset the device
  • Unable to update software on the GPS navigation devices

If you are having difficulty with the map update process and still need troubleshooting assistance please call directly to
our support helpline (0203) 950 9168 for immediate help. We aim to deliver quick and easy support.

Most common issues faced during Gps map updates


No Progress Bar

If you don't see any progress bar on your computer screen after connecting Gps with PC. It’s possible that there’s no map installed or that the installed map cannot be read. Contact GPS support for map installation instructions. For assistance please call
GPS support free (0203) 950 9168


Error Message

If you see an error message during an update, try to reconnect the GPS with the PC. Also check the internet connectivity on your computer. Keeping your device connected and start the updates again.


Device Not Recognized

If your device is not recognized by your computer, and computer won't show up any of the instruction as mentioned above. You may need to install updated software or drivers or turn off your security software. For best instant free help, you can talk to our expert over the phone or via chat for troubleshooting assistance.


Map Update Customer Service Team Work Flow

Call from the User

The users can call on (0203) 950 9168 or chat with us for any technical issues with the device update process.

Understanding the problem

Our highly trained technical experts helps figure out the problem with the device. They listen carefully, determine the nature of the problem and then assist you for every issue with the device.

Fixing the Issues

Our team of technical experts are able to solve 99.3% of issues just over the phone. So, you need to just give us a call and leave the rest upon us.

GPS Expert Are Available 24*7 Dial (0203) 950 9168


The GPS Go is an incredible device that is easy to use. It has got a bundle of features for frequent drivers.

It has got refined integration with your Smartphone.

It is intuitive to use.

It is authentic for the lifetime of the device.


GPS Via is a complete bang for your bucks and a powerful device. It is a step ahead of other Maps/devices, which is also easy to use.

The device connects with your Smartphone yielding live traffic updates, road closures, detours, the location of speed cameras and the best course.

GPS Via connects with your Smartphone over Bluetooth making it hands-free and effective to use.

GPS Start

Stuck in a traffic jam and looking for the quickest route to your destination. Then, this is the device for you. This is a small and efficient device which sticks on your vehicle’s windscreen. It makes it effortless to use.

The USP of this device is its simplicity to use. It is a slim device with a screen ratio of 4:3. It has a USB port which connects with your PC or MAC device.

GPS Sat Nav

GPS Sat Nav device has applicable features which are made, keeping all the latest technology available in the market.

It has all the current software as well as, an elegant design which blends in with the interior of your vehicle.

The software platform comes with all the information that influences your journey. The device gives you real-time information about the change in traffic situations.

GPS MyDrive

GPS MyDrive is the latest service offered by our company which allows you to synchronize/updates to be sent over Smartphone.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. It forms a link between your vehicle and your Smartphone.

Get map update support for your GPS

Support team helps you with Life Time Map Update on your GPS Device and can also help you to buy a Life Time Map Update for your GPS Device. Buy a Life Time Map Updates so you can always have most recent maps on your Device.

Downloading Maps & GPS Map Update Service if you own a GPS then the chances are at some point you will have experienced your maps on the device not being completely up to date.

This is entirely to be expected as roads can change, new highways can be built, the priority can be altered on junctions, and business can move addresses.

If you want GPS map updates and need to refresh the maps on your GPS then our GPS expert will tell you what you need to know about downloading new GPS maps or how to update GPS software.

List of issues/problems where the GPS Customer Service acts effectively

  • Common errors
  • Failure in connecting to the GPS map
  • GPS set up problems
  • GPS update issues
  • GPS system failed to turn on
  • Blank screen issue with your GPS system
  • GPS shutdown issues
  • Battery problem

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Download GPS Maps

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